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Friday, October 1, 2010

Van Gogh - Metropolitan Museum of Art , NYC

First Steps, after Millet, 1890
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Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City

In fall and winter 1889-90, while a voluntary patient at the asylum in Saint-Remy, Van Gogh painted twenty-one copies after Millet, an artist he greatly admired.  He considered his copies "improvisations" or
"translations" akin to a musician's interpretation of a composer's work. He let the black-and-white images--whether prints, reproductions, or, as her, a photograph that his brother, Theo, had sent-- "pose as subject"
then "improvised color on it.  "For this work of January 1890, Van Gogh squared-up a photograph
of Millet's First Steps and transferred it to the canvas.

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