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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Van Gogh - Metropolitan Museum of Art , NYC

Wheat Fields with cypresses (1889)

Writing to his brother, Theo, from the asylum in Saint Remy in early July 1889, Van Gogh described his latest work in the series he had begun in June: " I have a canvas of cypresses with some ears of wheat, some poppies, a blue sky like a piece of Scotch plaid, the former painted with a thick impasto... and the wheat field in the sun, which represents the extreme heat, very thick too."  Van Gogh regarded this sun-drenched landscape as one of his "best" summer canvases and repeated the composition three times: in a reed pen drawing (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam) and in two oil paintings made later that fall (National Gallery, London, and private collection).

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  1. I especially like this painting because it shows something beautiful was created while Van Gogh was in the asylum, and his creativity couldn't be hindered.
    I also like that the photograph captured the thickness of the paint.